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Discussion in 'Server Recruitment' started by SuperiorCmd, Dec 12, 2017.

  1. SuperiorCmd

    SuperiorCmd New Member

    Dec 12, 2017
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    Hello all, My name is SuperiorCmd. I am the current owner of CerberusPvP, along side another good friend. We have a good budget to use. CerberusPvP has to do with an upcoming network that will be created slowly and surely making sure every little aspect works before releasing fully. The network will have the following in it:
    • Factions
    • Skyblock
    • KitPvP
    • Prison
    • Survival or Hardcore Factions
    • A bunch of custom mini games!
    This will all be developed in due time. But we are starting our recruiting process early so we can create a bond between the staff team and the players inside our discord. Feel free to send me a personal message if you have any questions regarding the server further then this posts gets. I would love to hear your questions. That is of course you have any.

    Budget Covers:
    • Premium Plugins
    • Xenforo Website Hosting
    • Minecraft Server Hosting
    • Domain Information
    • Server Icon/Logo
    • ETC.
    We are looking to provide a amazing and wonderful player experience for all the players that stumble upon our server. We want to make sure our server is easy to navigate with all custom plugins and such. We want our website and forums to be used on the daily, and we want to make sure that our discord is very easy to use and players/users know where to find staff or any information on the server.

    The staff ranks of our server include all of the following:
    • Helper
    • Mod
    • Senior Mod
    • Admin
    • Developer
    • Owner
    We also have some other special ranks to our network, which include the following:
    • Discord Moderator
    • Discord Helper
    Thank you all for taking the time to read about this post. If you would like the information on where to apply please join our discord at https://discord.gg/5XeqSQr

    If you would like to PM me individually you can message me on discord Ayeeeitsconnor#2313

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